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Chinese Medicine treat Melasma, freckles, age spots

Apart from wrinkles, the common skin problems that trouble most mid-ages people are skin pigmentation. Believe it or not,skin pigmentation problem such as Melasma (黄褐斑), freckles (雀斑), age spots (老年斑), dark spots (暗斑) are sign of aging that can't be avoided.

People ask me if there is any Chinese Medicine can cure it?
The answer is yes.

The formation of dark spots.
The common causes of skin pigmentation had been related to the over exposure to sun light, ages factor, poor blood circulation that unable to metabolite waste products, therefore those toxic and metabolic waste products sink under our skin for a longer period of time and become dark spots.

Modern science tell us the main factor of causing skin pigmentation is the over exposure of UVB & UVA light will trigger "Tyrosinase" ,activate "Tyrosine" to become Melanin. And Melanin cause pigmentation,make our skin become dark, rough, forming dark spots and produce wrinkles.

The truth is......
But the truth is many women who don't exposure to sun light for long hours also develop skin pigmentation problems. It seem like poor diet, lack of rest, mental stress and hormones imbalance are the main factors to cause our body produce more Melanin. 

In our Chinese Medicine research, people who always tired, lack of sleep, facing sleeping problem or sleep very late have higher chances of getting  Melasma (黄褐斑) and freckles (雀斑) . Many women asked me about the Melasma on their cheek bone has a lot of   , I will tell them," you must have a poor quality of sleep, either over-stress, or over tired." Most women will agreed with my statement.

Do you know, Among all the dark spots problems, Melasma is the most difficult to treat? 
Every year, there are 5 to 6 millions of US women suffering from Melasma? Pregnant women, contraceptive pill user and Menopause women on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) are the major population to get Melasma.

The high popularity of skin pigmentation problems have attract attention of modern medical scientists to find solutions to cure it. However there are fewer products can create good result. As we understand, Melasma is very difficult to treat, even by whitening / bleaching cream / AHA skin rejuvenation treatment. 

Although there are many type of laser treatment available in the markets that claim to be able
to reduce dark spots, the result are not very encouraging, most improvement are just on the surface of the skin. Some patients noticed if they stop receiving Laser treatment, those spots come back again.

MedLite C6 - The New Hope for Skin Pigmentation Problems?
Alex like to read,recently come across with the new generation of Laser technology named "MedLite C6". This could be the latest laser treatment that work directly to the dark spot area and able to stop the growth of dark spots.

According to Dr. Niwat Polnikorn in Thailand, he had conducted a total of thousands cases studies on treating Melasma by :MedLite C6". According to his experiences in treating Melasma, his patient's skin pigmentation improved at least 50-75% after 10 sessions of "MedLite C6" treatment when compare to the study group that uses only Whitening facial cream alone. In his conslusion, "MedLite C6" can fight Melasma effectively.. However, patient need to use topical bleaching agents e.g. 7% arbutin, or Kligman’s formula bleaching agent together with UVB+ UVA blocker sunscreen ( SPF>30,PA > +++)  to maintain the result.

Although Alex is a Chinese Medicine physician, Alex always open minded to learn more about the latest technology. Because the more we learn about other people's product, then we can always improve our skill! This is what Alex also believe in.

Thank to Dr. Niwat Polnikom's research, Alex also find out the 10 sessions of "MedLite C6" actually take 8-10 weeks to see the result. When compare to Chinese Medicine treatment, an average of 12 weeks of Chinese Medicine intake also can see 90% improvement as well!

Get rid of your stubborn skin pigmentation now!
Welcome a spot-less, smoother, whiter and softer skin today!
Experienced the 100% natural & no side effect Chinese Medicine treatment.

Our product recommended for ALL AGES OF MEN AND WOMEN who suffering from: 

1. Melasma (黄褐斑)
2. Freckles (雀斑)
3. Age Spots (老年斑)
4. Dark Spots (暗斑)
5. Hyperpigmentation (色素沉着)
6. Skin Discolorations (皮肤色斑)
7. Uneven Skin Tones (不均匀的肤色)

A more dynamic treatment - Chinese Medicine approach

Let me give you a brief idea on how Chinese Medicine physician treat skin pigmentation problems. Chinese Medicine theory always emphasized on treating the inner as we understand if our inner organs can't function well, then our skin can develop all type of dark and ugly spots.

Like Alex said before, aging is a process can't avoid. But Chinese Medicine formula can be very powerful to reduce the aging process by:

1. Fight against free radicals.
2. Natural source of Vitamins & Minerals.
3. Clear off body toxins and waste products.
4. Regulate hormones.

5. Boost Immune System.
6. Improve blood circulation.
7. Remove blood clots.
8. Repair cells.
9. Produce more collagen.
10. Inhibit the formation of dark spots.

Benefits of choosing Chinese Medicine to treat skin problems
(a) Reduce pigmentation up to 90% within 12 weeks.
(b) Fade pigmentation & freckles, minimize dark spots and post blemish discoloration.
(c) 100% natural active ingredients, safe with NO-SIDE EFFECTS.

Benefits of choosing Chinese Medicine to treat skin problems
Many patients agree that when they choose Chinese Medicine treatment, they are not only treating their skin problems but also receive a ton of health improvement, such as:

1. Better sleep
2. More energetic
3. Less stress
4. Better digestion
5. Reduce chances of flu & fever
6. Better skin complexion
7. More firm & toned body shape

More reasonable treatment cost
My Chinese Medicine treatment will allow you to enjoy the benefits of improving your health while treating skin pigmentation problems. The all around program will take into the consideration of effectiveness, time and money (budget). When you invest on our program, you will save a lot of money on expensive skin care products, supplements, facial treatments and other expensive cosmetic medical cost.

To be more realistic, we all know Laser skin treatment can be the most effective technology to treat skin pigmentation, but if you have a lot of age spots not only on your face but also other parts of your body? It is possible to receive a full body laser treatment? And the cost of
laser treatment can be very costly.

Unlock The Secret of How Chinese Medicine Treat Melasma
And now you might ask," Alex, can you tell us a little bit info on how you can treat skin pigmentation by Chinese Medicine?"

To make it easy to understand, in the big family of Chinese Medicines, I will select Chinese Medicine that proven to work well on fighting against all kind of skin spots. My formulas are based on years of medical research in China Major Hospitals. Therefore, they are safe to consume,and no side effects.

Such as Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge.(丹参) and Panax notoginseng (三七) are strong medicine
to promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis (活血化瘀), these are clinically proven medicine for remove metabolic waste substances from our body. Patient who has more dark spots on face, might also need Schizonepeta tenuifolia Briq.(荆芥) and Platycodon grandiflorus(桔梗) to bring the medicines up to the face. For whitening effect, Asparagus
cochinchinensis (天门冬) is the best choice! Alex also use it in Whitening herbal mask (My clinic natural facial mask). Apart from whitening, we may need some herbs that can act like Sun Block product, something that can inhibit the activeness of "Tyrosinase" and prevent the formation of Melanin. Alex personally loves Aaugellica sinensis(当归), Eclipta prostrata L.(墨旱莲) and Ligustrum lucidum Ait.(女贞子), they contain natural Vitamin E that is very good for the skin!

How long can I see the result?

A minimum of 1-3 months (90 days) taking our Chinese Medicine supplement is required to see a 90% of Dark spots fade out or disappear.

*Also depend on the size, the colour and the type of skin pigmentation.

What we do?
In Ho Modesty Consultancy, we specialized in skin pigmentation treatment and anti-aging supplement. We have real people, real result and many testimonials!

Try our products today and it could be an end to your suffering! Get a fairer, smoother and spots-less skin Today!

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